Google Search Re-Indexes CO.CC Domains

It was a few months back when Google kicked out all the domains from it’s search results. Now, Google Search has updated and has made a welcome back to all those domains that were kicked out a few months back. As of now, a search query, returns 99,000,000 results.


The reason for Google’s removal of the domains from the search results was due to the large number of duplicate and low quality content in all those domains. Most of the domains were found to contain spammy content that cluttered Google Search with lots of stupid, irritating content.

To clear up this mess, Google finally decided to kick out all those, no matter whether they are good or spammy, and in a small matter of time, Google kicked out all the domains from the search results.

This indeed affected lots of webmasters who were prone to using domains owing to premium domains’ high cost. When Google hit the Delete button for all those domains, those webmasters did experience lots of traffic, draining.

Now its time for the owners to rejoice. As said earlier, Google has now indexed as much as 99,000,000 domains. If you are a blogger using domains, you will be very happy to see your site being re-indexed by Google. Enjoy.