Google Snows on Typing “Let It Snow”

To celebrate this holiday season, Google has come up with yet another awesome trick. Google users can now enjoy this holiday season along with Google, by typing Let it snow in Google and there goes it. You can find snow flakes falling from the top of the screen.


As the time passes, the full screen gets itself covered in snow, starting from the top of the Google navigation bar and finally becomes a snow world. After a matter of time, the entire screen gets itself turned into a frozen lake. Once it becomes really hard to decode even a single letter in the screen, there pops a button named Defrost and acts as a means to help you clear the screen for playing with snow flakes again.

This works the same like Do a barrel roll, which emerged in this internet world a few days back. Once users type Do a barrel roll in Google, the screen will automatically do a barrel roll to surprise the visitors.

Also, if you find these two funny and awesome, we also recommend you to check out Google Gravity. As the name denotes, with this trick, you can find Google elements tumbling down to the bottom section of the screen due to the gravitation force.

Finally we can conclude that Google does indeed come with awesome tricks when people find the need. With only a week left ahead for Christmas, you better start snow flaking your Google screen right now.