Google Starts Indexing Facebook Comments

This is not a new introduction by Facebook. Rather it’s a new Google introduced feature. As you read in the title, Google is now starting to index all the Facebook comments, both within the site and outside the site. Outside the site refers to comments in Facebook comments box installed in third party sites.


Now when you search a particular comment in Facebook comments box in Google, the search results will pop up in the screen. This new introduction takes Google one step closer to Facebook. Google will now have access to both Facebook users and Facebook comments. It was just a few days back when Facebook added a subscribe button to the comments plugin and now this new change.

The same can be put in Amit Agarwal’s beautiful words as follows “Googlebots, or the spiders that crawl web pages,  are now reading Facebook comments on websites just like any other text content and the more interesting part is that you can also search the text of these comments using regular Google search.

When it comes to blogging, comments help to boost your SEO. Both Facebook comments plugin and other commenting systems provide the best commenting options for the readers. But the only problem with commenting sytems like Disqus and Intense Debate is they rely on Javascript and this makes the search bots hard to crawl the comments. The comments when crawled, get indexed by search engines and hence this brings more traffic to your site.

Now you can make use of a few search queries on Google. Searching “Arun Sathiya * Author at Axleration” will display all the comments made by me on various sites round the web installed with Facebook comments box. The format is [Commenter name * Commenter title”]

All the comments won’t be indexed right now. Google is working on it. Wait a few more days for Google to index all the Facebook comments. Well, I would like to add one more thing. Think twice before you drop in a comment since all the comments are now indexed by Google.