Google Turns 13 Today [Previous Years Doodles Inside]

The search giant and also the internet giant, Google, turned 13 today. To celebrate it’s 13 years of success in the business arena, it came with an unique doodle like it did the previous years. Each year, Google comes up with an unique doodle which has a hidden meaning inside the doodle.


Google officially stepped into the teenage stage today. This doodle has a small cake surrounded by the six letters of the company – GOOGLE, various colored balloons and gift boxes. As we can see in the below picture, the three letters – G,O, and G are adorned with three party hats. Those three hats are dedicated to the three key persons, Larry Page, Sergey Brin and Eric Schmidt, the co-founders of Google. Also also we can see that near the name GOOGLE there is a ! mark. It was the Google’s previous logo.

Google started to make doodles for it’s birthdays when it was 4 years old. Now let us see all the previous years Google Doodles.  After seeing them, try to crack the hidden meanings inside them and share your views with us.
[stextbox id=”info”]Google’s 4th Birthday[/stextbox]
A simple doodle, with four candles in the cake and the cake’s sidings is covered with the word “Google”. Also the letter “L” of the logo is substituted with the number “4”.

[stextbox id=”info”]Google’s 5th Birthday[/stextbox]
A beautiful cake with 5 candles and here the letter “G” is substituted with “5” to show it’s 5 years of success.

[stextbox id=”info”]Google’s 6th Birthday[/stextbox]
An artistic cake with the second “O” of the logo substituted with the number “6”. Also the first “O” is substituted with 3 balloons. Does anyone know what those three balloons mean? Do they represent the three the three co-founders of Google?

[stextbox id=”info”]Google’s 7th Birthday[/stextbox]
In front of the logo, lies a cake cut into 7 pieces. Here’s 7 takes the place of the letter “L”

[stextbox id=”info”]Google’s 8th Birthday[/stextbox]
Here there is only one notable thing. The place of “G” is taken by the number “8”

[stextbox id=”info”]Google’s 9th Birthday[/stextbox]
“G” of the logo is substituted with “9” and in front of that lie a few candies. Unlike the previous logos, here we find candies.

[stextbox id=”info”]Google’s 10th Birthday[/stextbox]
After a decade of success, Google made this logo to celebrate it’s birthday. A cake with 10 candles and also each letter of the logo is adorned with a party hat. The letter “L” is substituted with a rack box. We find a ! mark here too.

[stextbox id=”info”]Google’s 11th Birthday[/stextbox]
This doodle looks the same like the normal Google logo. But the only thing is the letter “L” is substituted with “11”.

[stextbox id=”info”]Google’s 12th Birthday[/stextbox]
Previous year’s doodle shows that a candle takes the place of the letter “L” in the logo. Also the logo lies on a cake.

So that’s it. Did you check out all the doodles? What’s the interesting thing you found in each doodle? Share your thoughts with this post below in the comments section.