Google UK Crayons Mothers’ Day

It’s Sunday and it’s Mothers’ day too in United Kingdom. What else makes a mother happier than waking up to see her daughter or son giving her a big hug and presenting a lovely homemade card? 🙂 To celebrate this big day with a lot of fun, Google UK has created a doodle and put it on the site, giving a warm welcome to all the mothers in United Kingdom. Once you take a look at the doodle, you will notice that the doodle is indeed a lot colorful and attractive, making it really tempting to look at.


The doodle from Google shows a colorful sketch made by a son or a daughter. The company’a name Google features the front section of the doodle and each letter of the company is written with a crayon by the kid. If you take a better look at the doodle, you will notice that the doodle’s creator has replaced the two O‘s with a feminine gender. The first O shows a woman beaming at her lovely daughter, who is the second O.

Also, the background features a bright sun at the top while the floor features greeny grass. Nearby lie lots more lovely heart symbols dedicating the kid’s love to his or her mother, in return for the overall affection the woman showed to her kid these years. Mothers are lovely, agree? 🙂

Doodles have been a common practice in the world of Google. Be it a popular person’s birthday or death anniversary or whatever, Google is by far the first one to remember them and place a dedicated doodle on the site. The making of doodles started with the replacing of the original logo for the Burning Man Festival, to which the Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin went.