Grand Theft Auto V : Trailer Coming Soon

Grand Theft Auto fans are now in for a surprise. The next version of the series is now scheduled to come in a matter of time. This game’s trailer is to come this November 2 – that’s coming Wednesday. With only one more week to go, the excitement among the GTA fans has risen it’s peak. The internet is now set ablaze with excitement and speculation.


The front page of the GTA website sports a big banner showing “Grand Theft Auto V ; Trailer 11.02.11”. With a single glance at the image, we can recognize that this big, surprising game is just within a few days of our hands reach. There isn’t any news related to this game. We are not yet informed of the game details, in which platforms it will run or any other information. It’s just that the game is coming soon.

Like the other versions of the Grand Theft Auto series, this version too is based around the factors money and murder. Basically all the games in this series involves a specific theme. A boss gives a job and it’s your duty to finish it. The game was in a continuous chain from the first to the third. But in GTA IV, the game was of different version. In GTA IV, Niko Bellic, an Eastern European War veteran comes to United States in search of American Dream but in the middle, he gets entangled with a bunch of thugs and criminals leading to the start of the game.

Well, are you a GTA freak? Waiting to set your eyes on the trailer soon? Stay hanged with Axleration for a few days. Next week, we will be back with a brand new GTA V trailer.