Great Benefits of LED lightbulbs

Twenty five percent of the monthly utility bill most homeowners pay goes to their electricity consumption. That is a significant amount to pay, especially if you have a big house with a big family. With the current economic tightening most people’s budget, a huge electric bill can be quite overwhelming and the cause of stress. If you are given a chance to lower down your consumption, and still get the same or even better lighting, will you not go for it?

Today compact bulbs giving out big wattages and consuming so much electricity are being replaced with LED light bulbs. LED or Light Emitting Diode is  a new type of light source incased in a plastic lens. They may be small, but they are very efficient in producing light with a much longer life span compared to compact bulbs and CFL (Compact Fluorescent Bulbs). Initially, you pay much more purchasing LED light bulbs, but in the long run you will discover that they are more cost efficient than all other types of bulbs.
Developments in technology mean that LED bulbs are no longer clustered together in a diffuser. This change has made LED lighting more standard in size, which has widened the use of LED lights at home. Current LED lights comes in different bulb styles and used in different lighting fixtures which work well in the many different areas of your home. The good news is because there are more and more light companies manufacturing LED light bulbs, the price each year is getting more competitive.
Here are some of the great benefits of LED light which will certainly encourage you to switch if you are still using compact bulb or fluorescent light in your home.
1. LED light bulbs last longer. The life span of an LED light being operated is 100,000 hours. Convert it and it means continuous full operation for 11 years. Use it half the time, your LED light bulb will last for 22 years. This is a stark contrast compared to the life span of a compact bulb and fluorescent light.

1. LED light bulbs are more durable.This type of lighting does not have a filament like the regular compact bulb has which as you well know is very delicate to handle. LED lights are solid and they hold up pretty well to bumping and jarring. They are not easily destructible.
1. 3.       LED light bulbs reduce power consumption. Can you believe that LED light bulbs only uses 2 to 17 watts of electricity? The lowest wattage for most incandescent bulb is 25watts. That’s a huge difference. Installing light fixtures that come with LED bulb in your home saves you electricity and money because of the small amount of electrical consumption they use up. What’s more, your home has efficient lighting, yet it remains cool and pleasant to the eyes.
1. 4.       LED light bulbs are cost effective. Although the price to buy LED light started out to be quite high, these days the cost has gone down considerably because there are more suppliers manufacturing it. At the same time, you rarely need to replace your LED light because of its longer lifespan. If you really think about it, getting an LED light for your home saves you money especially on your electric bills and replacement.

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rakib raihan

LED light bulbs are mercury-free when manufactured, thus, installing light fixtures using LED lights it in your home is safe.  With all these great benefits, you will certainly do yourself a big favor if you switch now from using incandescent light bulbs or compact fluorescent light to LED light bulbs. Make the switch today and you will soon cover your costs asyou reduce your energy bills.