A Hack to Get the New Google Bar

Google introduced an all new Google bar, bundled with all the Google products. This new Google bar makes it easier for Google users to navigate across various Google products. The emergence of this Google bar finally kicked the pretty old and lame Google bar out.


This new Google bar features all the products adorned with much simplicity. Both the look and features have been tempting a lot of Google users to get this new bar soon. Though Google is working on the job of rolling out this new bar to everyone, here in a way, which will help you to get the new bar immediately.

As you read in the title, this below mentioned hack brings the new Google bar before your eyes in a second. Make sure that you are using Google Chrome, as this hack works only in it.

    • Install this extension : Edit This Cookie
    • Once you have installed the extension, go to Google and right click anywhere on the page.
    • After that, click Edit Cookies in the list that appears.
    • In the new tab that opens, go to the PREF | .google.com section
    • In the value section replace, the existing code with the one given below


  • Click Submit Cookie Change
  • Reload your browser and head to Google.
Voila! There lies the all new Google bar. Make sure to share this tutorial with your friends who are very eager to lay their hands on this brand new Google bar.