Happy 6th Birthday, Twitter!

That’s it. 5 years have flew since Jack Dorsey was seen to be setting up his Twitter account. That’s way back 5 years and now, Twitter is one of those hottest social networking sites the world has ever seen. As of now, Twitter has millions of users and if it surprises you, did you ever know that a stunning count of 340 million tweets is sent a day? Be it sharing some crazy information or sharing the breaking news with other people, Twitter has by far been the first in the place. And for your info, Twitter has a small community of 400 dedicated workers yet it is one of the biggest tech giants the world has ever seen.


As we all know, Jack Dorsey was the first one ever to tackle the nearly impossible to answer question by the microblogging site, What’s happening? Though the site provides a maximum of 160 characters for one tweet, Jack Dorsey tackled the question by replying a short answer “just setting up my twttr“. That was sent on March 21 of the year 2006 by the Twitter founder Jack Dorsey.

And now, the site has vastly grown with lots of users tweeting about everything in this world. As mentioned earlier, Twitter has done a commendable job of being the world’s fastest news spreading site. Did you ever know that Twitter announced the death of the American pop star Michael Jackson 45 minutes earlier than the press did?

Finally, to put in short words, though Twitter provides users only with the option to tweet about stuff with a limited characters of 160 characters, it has proved itself to be really effective. If you ever came across a celebrity and bumped him or her with a question, the most likely answer would be to check out his or her Twitter handle. These days, most of the celebrities seem to be focused only with Twitter when it comes to sharing information on the web. And also, nearly 500K accounts are being created each day on Twitter. Not on Twitter yet? It’s time to join fellas. Come on!

And finally, in short, a really Happy Birthday, Twitter! Have a great year ahead.  🙂