Have Fun With Google Images Search Under Water

When it comes to searching for images on the web, Google Images has proved to be the best out there in my view. The giant Google’s ‘Images’ is notably very big for having a large number of images that one can use for their purposes. And also, as we used to know Google is a big company and it has lots of domains representing each country. For example the domain www.google.com refers to the original Google based in America while www.google.it refers to Google Italy.


And similarly is Google China. The URL is www.google.com.hk. And well, this is where the fun begins. Today being April Fools’ Day, most of the tech giants and people are already out there pranking people. Today morning, the netizens were abuzz with Google’s all new 8 bit version of Google maps. And similarly Mashable was bought by Conan O’Brien today morning.

And now, as you read in the title, I came across a pretty cool page where I noticed the Google logo and the search box floating under the water. It seems pretty much like Google Gravity. You can search for images and there go some images falling from the top. When I searched for the word “Apple”, I found three logos of Apple Inc. falling down while the next one was the fruit Apple. It seems like a maximum of only four images fall from the top.

When you type something and then hit the “Enter” button in your keyboard, the images fall. On the other hand, try hitting the “Search” button available there (The left one among the two – Since the text is in Chinese, we won’t understand :-P). When you hit that button the images fall. And one more. Try hitting the other button, you will notice a gold coin falling with the letter “G”. It seems like for whatever query, the gold coin with “G” falls. Have fun with Google images search under water and don’t forget to share this with your friends! Also, trying moving the elements with your mouse. Click the mouse and throw them!

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Google Images Search in Under Water