iPhone 8 looks a little different

induction charging for iPhone 8

Have you heard about the iPhone 8?

Do you want to know about the iPhone 8?  Lately it has been all about what the iPhone hasn’t got, rather than all about new stuff.  Last time it was the big news that the iPhone no longer comes with a head phone jack.

So you need to stream music via Bluetooth and wireless to your favorite listening device.

What do we get with the iPhone 8?

And it seems as though the trend will continue with the iPhone 8.  There will be all the usual good stuff, you can still download jailbreak software, plus all your favorite apps.  But what is the latest iPhone missing?

iPhone 8 will look different

The Apple iPhone 8 might look very different from previous models!  Can you imagine an iPhone without the home button?  Just when you got comfortable with a single control button, Apple go and design a new iPhone 8 with no home button!

And that is not all – there have been rumors for a while now about a whole new way of charging handheld devices that does not require a charging cable.  If this becomes the truth for the iPhone 8 specs, then there would no longer be any need for the charge cable and connector socket.  The latest technology for re-charging batteries relies on an inductive charging platform, which means the smartphone device can be re-charged while sitting or lying on the re-charging platform.

Just in time for the iPhone 10 year anniversary

If the rumors are true, then the incorporation of these new technologies would be a fitting evolution of the famous iPhone right in time to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Apple’s most popular gadget.

iPhone 8 with retina scan security and facial recognition

Iris scan security is here – iPhone 8

Yes the latest release of the iPhone 8 marks the largest roll out of iris scanning and facial recognition.  In fact, more commonly known facial recognition security, Apple offers the latest in smart phone technology.

Unlock your phone simply by looking at it

So the latest feature to be released with the iPhone 8 is facial recognition which operates via a built-in infrared camera next to the reverse angle camera at the top of the phone.  The facial recognition is de-activated by looking at the phone, and the phone automatically unlocks. You will the winner with hands free access to unlock your phone.

Any more surprises with the iPhone 8?

In line with the latest innovations in touch screen technology, it is expected that the iPhone 8 has a virtually bevel free screen.  That means we can expect to see a display that stretches from one edge to another in what would enhance the viewing potential of the device, but also throw down the gauntlet to the competition that no matter what they can do, iPhone 8 can better it.

So how can we live with no home button?

If we get an iPhone with no little round button down the bottom of the phone, how will we be able to drive the thing?  Well, the new idea from Apple might involve an identification method that is all new and revolutionary.

Instead of having the fingerprint reader located in the home button, Apple may be able to recognise your fingerprint from anywhere on the iPhone 8!  This means that it will be much more convenient to have your phone unlock straight away and you can do the business instead of fumbling around trying to get your thumb at just the right angle, or whatever trick you use!  With a new bigger touch screen and generic finger print scanning, the iPhone 8 will automatically be able to recognise who you are as soon as you pick up the phone, and be able to unlock automatically.


So how does induction charging work?

induction charging for iPhone 8

In a similar way to the Apple Watch, it is expected that Apple will enable the iPhone to simply lie in a flat plate inductive charger.  So this technology is nothing new, and it would certainly make it easier for users to simply drop their iPhone on the charge plate each day, and come back to a fully charged device!  After all, they already have the technology to do that, and they even took out the patents for devices that offer a very similar technology.

How an inductive charger would work is using a technique using an inductive charging coil, whereby the electrical coil is built into the charging station, and is designed to transfer power to a receiving electrical coil which is built into the battery of the smartphone device.

Therefore, the transmission coil is able to transfer power via an electro magnetic current into the second coil by what is known as induction charging, even though there is no direct electrical connection.  The receiver coil picks up the inductive electrical current, and simply re-charges the battery in the iPhone.  You can still expect all of the wonderful features that we come to expect from our iPhones, such as record yourself at singing practice!


Any more surprises / rumors for the next iPhone 8?

Have you heard the one about the bendable screen?  As if we haven’t covered enough rumors already, there has been a persistent rumor for years now that smartphone companies have been competing against each other to be the first to bring us a flexible smartphone.

That would imply that the touch screen has to be able to bend without cracking or breaking, which would be a huge benefit for those of us who are prone to the nasty occurrence of a spider web of cracks that suddenly appear across the screens of our much loved devices.  Click this link to see what I am talking about!

Apple have been working on a foldable device that could offer a double screen arrangement with a folding hinge down the middle, or alternatively, Apple could design a flexible device that can bend or twist without the dreaded crack that some off us are used to.

In the very least, it would be fantastic to own a smartphone that wouldn’t crack when accidentally dropped, or even something that could withstand being carried in your back pocket and be able to fit snugly with the curvature of your backside.

Just a thought, as I gently lower my curved backside into my comfy chair…



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