Heard of Pinspire? : The Nearly-Pinterest Clone

It was just a few days back when the name Pinterest took almost the whole web by surprise. The pin-board style social photo sharing site began to get the attention of all the photo lovers on the web. Launched two years back, Pinterest began to gain a popularity since it’s Facebook’s integration of the Pinterest application in the Timeline. And now, Pinterest is one of those top social networking sites for sharing photos with the netizens. And to make things harder for Pinterest, there seems to be a new site on the web called Pinspire, proving to be a copycat of Pinterest.


According to the reports, Pinspire has been created by a few folks from Germany. The German folks Samwer brothers created this site Pinspire recently. If the information is true, the brothers are notably creative in making exact clones of some of those popular sites out their and sell the site for huge bucks. And now, here is Pinspire from them.

At the first look, you might confirm that Pinspire folks have done a commendable job in making an exact clone of Pinterest and on the other hand, a few Pinterest fans might be seen cursing the owners. But in my perspective, or in any geek’s (Am not calling myself a geek :-P), I will say that Pinspire seems to have copied only the layout of Pinteres, which happens to be one of those biggest reasons why Pinterest success’ is getting better day by day. A few ultra cool tools are available on Pinspire which you might not find on Pinterest.

#1 One that sets Pinspire apart from Pinterest

First of all, unlike Pinterest, Pinspire allows users to use the site based on the country. If you view the site Pinspire from India, you will notice the URL automatically changing to www.pinspire.co.in depicting that it is the Indian version of Pinspire. And also, one thing that I seriously love in Pinspire is that, it classifies the “Pins” based on the country. If you happen to use Pinspire from India, you will notice that most of the “Pins” shown on the homepage would mostly be related to India and it’s culture. The same goes to other countries. Based on my Pinterest experience, Pinterest doesn’t offer such tools, right? So, what do you call Pinspire now? A copycat or creativity?

#2 User interface

Coming to the user interface, Pinspire has completely taken the idea from Pinterest to rip the latter apart. On landing on the site, you will immediately notice that Pinspire too sports that same style of presenting the “Pins” as in Pinterest. But there seems to be a small tweak in this. Unlike Pinterest, Pinspire lets users know the number of views of a particular “Pin”. Pretty handy, right?

#3 Logging in or Signing up

While Pinterest is still in Beta, allowing users to use the site only when people get an invite from the existing Pinterest users, Pinspire isn’t going by that idea. If you got an email id, you can immediately sign up and start using Pinspire. Alternatively, you can use your Facebook and Twitter accounts to use the site.

What do you conclude readers?

Finally what do you say? Do you think that Pinspire is the copycat of the startup Pinterest or trying to be more like Pinterest, but with advanced usage controls? Please keep in mind that Pinterest is right now valued at $200 million. Will Pinspire prove to be lot more better or just get bought by Pinterest for a piece of money? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section!