Highlight Pieces of the Web and Share Using inFocus.cc

The internet, as we all know, is built be lots and lots of textual and multimedia stuff. With blogs dominating the majority of the web world, we all do read lots of articles on the web. While reading articles, we most probably come across pretty useful quotes or funny images that we would like to share with our friends. What do we do to share?

What Have we Done in the Past?

Give the link of the article to our friend and instruct him to search for that quote using the “Find” (Ctrl+F) option and guide him to that quote by telling him the instructions. It’s a tiresome job, agree?

Where is This Post Headed to?

In such situations, inFocus comes to our help. inFocus is a pretty cool web application that will let users highlight a piece of text or image or anything one wants, by dragging. Once the part is highlighted, inFocus simply saves it and provides the user with an unique URL. The URL is available at the top of the page and one can view that or copy the URL to share with friends.


What Happens?

When you highlight and share the URL with your friends, they will notice the part you highlighted within seconds. Thanks to the inFocus magic. inFocus simply darkens the non-highlighted areas, thus making it easy to see the highlighted section. Check out this for a sample.

That’s it. Did you find this tool to be of use to your? I, personally, love this tool for this simplies my work load on the web. 🙂 If you find any trouble using this app, feel free to contact me in the comments.

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