Hitler Hears Words About Google’s Search plus Your World [Video]

Within days of the launch of Google’s all new search algorithm named Search plus Your World, Hitler’s sharp ears have heard news about this new integration. When I was browsing the web as usual, I came across this pretty cool video featuring Hitler’s thoughts on this new search algorithm by Google.


This new concept by Google features the integration of Google Search and Google+, giving users a pretty cool way to search and also make Google+ more social. As we knew earlier, one can personalize searching on Google more than ever. This new algorithm highlights posts from your Google+ buddies and gives a better way of searching. One thing that makes the Facebook and the Twitter guys angry, as well as Hitler, you will get to know why, is that, this new integration excludes results from Facebook and Twitter.

This new concept is set to show only results related to Google+, which in turn drives more traffic to Google’s all new social networking site, Google+. Google strictly believes that, this new concept is set to make Google+ more social and make it the social giant very soon.

Now, here is a pretty cool, funny video depicting Hitler’s thoughts once he hears words about this all new social search concept. The story goes this way. Hitler hears about Search plus Your World from his members. Within a matter of time, one can find Hitler bursting with anger about this new concept and even dares to shout at Sergey Brin, for Hitler believes that this new concept is by him.

While the video shows that Hitler uses too many ” ” words, one can finally conclude that Hitler is unhappy with the fact that Google search for Britney Spears or Katy Perry, excludes what he loves. He expects their Facebook page and latest tweets from Twitter too to pop in the Google search page. But it’s the other way round. Only Google+ results show. What’s your thought?