Hotmail Now Available in Https

Hotmail is now available in an SSL(Secure Sockets Layer) connection. A SSL connection provides you an enhanced security and protection from hackers and phishing.

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), is a cryptographic protocol that “provide communications security over the Internet”. SSL encrypt the segments of network connections above the Transport Layer, using symmetric cryptography for privacy and a keyed message authentication code for message reliability.

How to get https for Hotmail

1. Go to Hotmail by following this link and log in to your account.

2. After you login, you will be shown a screen which resembles this.

3. You can change your settings to use https for default by clicking Change your settings to always use HTTPS. you can easily enable or disable it in the settings page.

If you are going to use Hotmail from Outlook or from mobile, retrieving your mails will be a problem with https. So if you are going to use Hotmail only through your browser then setting https as default would be a wise choice, if not setting it as default is not recommended.


Hope that helped, share your thoughts below.