How 7 Popular Websites Looked When They Were Launched

Before starting with the post, I have a few things to say. The title, looks pretty old. A simple search for the above topic in Google will give you a lot of results but this post is worth sharing even now. That’s the reason I posted this post here. Well, now let’s head to the post.


Do you guys remember the days when Google was first launched by Larry Page and Sergey Brin on January 1996? Google seems to have traveled a long way since it’s emergence in 1996. Now, you can see the word “Google” even in dictionaries as a verb. And now, what about Facebook? Facebook, with alexa ranking 2, is the world’s top most used social networking site. So have you ever thought have these two sites would have looked at first when they were launched? Head down.

Now here are 7 popular websites pictures when they were laucnhed first. These sites are those most of us use daily. The current version may be much different from the first ones.

Google – Alexa 1 – Launched in 1996

Facebook – Alexa 2 – Launched in 2004


YouTube – Alexa 3 – Launched in 2005


Yahoo – Alexa 4 – Launched in 1994


Blogger – Alexa 5 – Launched in 1999


Wikipedia – Alexa 7 – Launched in 2001


Twitter– Alexa 9 – Launched in 2006


Thanks to the WayBackMachine, the internet archive, for letting us see how some of the popular websites looked at first when they were launched.

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