How Can a Social Marketer Take Advantage of the New Twitter Web Analytics Tool?

When it comes to social marketing tools, Twitter is one of the best any business can adopt. The popular microblogging site has well over 200 million users and trendiness that has made it a favorite among users that range from everyday people to the high profile athletes and celebrities.

Not only that, it has long proved itself as a powerful platform capable of building communities, engaging target audiences, and driving qualified traffic. From a marketing perspective, the one knock on Twitter has always lied in the difficulty of tracking its activity, but even this appears to be changing for the better.


Twitter recently announced the debut of  Twitter Web Analytics. As the name implies, it is a new tool designed to help users gain a much better understanding of how their social marketing efforts are performing through connection with the platform. Up until recently, marketers have been forced to rely on third-party tools that while useful, were not very efficient in terms of accurately measuring traffic. With an analytics system launched by Twitter itself, it is safe to assume that this tool will be far more precise and reliable than many of the third-party options out there.

Analyzing Your Twitter Impact

According to Twitter itself, social marketers can take advantage of the new web analytics tool by analyzing three main performance area:

Inbound Traffic – See exactly how much traffic Twitter is generating to your website.

Social Sharing – See how much of your content others are sharing throughout the Twitter network.

Integration Effectiveness – Analyze the impact integrating the famous tweet button on your website has really made.

As you can see, the new Twitter Web Analytics can be helpful in measuring some very important areas, but the one that really sticks out is inbound traffic. Whether you are indulging in social marketing to boost sales or create awareness for a non profit cause, driving traffic is vital. With that said, being able to understand what is and what isn’t working is just as important. When your efforts are not resulting in direct sales or donations, it can be hard to justify carrying on with your social initiatives. Analytics allows you to do away with all the guessing and base your marketing on actual and factual data. With the tool being powered by social analytics platform BackType’s technology, which Twitter recently acquired, the company’s new and improved tracking capabilities may be the solution marketers have been eagerly awaiting for some time.

Be on the Lookout

Twitter Web Analytics has been rolled out to a small group of Twitter’s pilot partners. The company says that it will be available to all site owners in the coming weeks. Aside from being pretty useful, this tracking tool is completely free to use, and that makes it even more attractive for the social marketer operating on a restricted budget. If you have been looking for a better way to track your efforts on this immensely popular social network, the new analytics tool will definitely be one you want to pick up.