How can I Get Back my Photos from SD Card?

Why do data get lost? It is because of negligence and carelessness. Accidentally removing the data is common feature of the PC users. Data includes photos, movies and other crucial information. The memory card and SD card are the two storage devices where you can save your photos and all other important information. Photos and data even get deleted from these cards. Your precious moments captured in the photographs are completely removed.

There are software programs capable of regaining your photos and data from the SD card. The software is made in such a way that you can get back your data from the storage device without much effort.  Now, you may not be sure as to how this data recovery can actually take place. Are you interested to learn about it? Here it is.

Recovering Photos from the SD Card

SD cards are much alike memory cards storing multiple files including music, videos and photographs. You will be stunned to see the size of the device – it’s just a stamp-size. The device can be purchased in varied capacities and enable file transfer in an easier and speedier way. Check the internet; there is a number of such recovery software.

PC Inspector, DiskDigger, Pandora Recovery and Recover My Files – have you heard these names? These are data recovery software programs. What are the steps to recover the photos and data? Take a quick look at this.

  • As you installing a software is the preliminary step for recovery of photos from the SD card. Once you install your preferred program, onscreen instructions will guide through download and installation procedure of the software. Whether you have a laptop or a desktop PC, you can smoothly run the program. Don’t forget to reboot the system after you have downloaded it.
  • You should never use the camera’s SD card until and unless the recovery is entirely done since reusage of the card might result in losing the data permanently.
  •  Card reader is a must to enable the computer read your SD card properly. For laptop users the task is easier, there is an in-built card reader in their system. Put the SD card into the slot allotted for it in the card reader. Once you have inserted the card, plug in your cable into your computer’s USB port.
  • You can check the details of the card reader from the icon that appears on the PC screen. Double click on that icon to open up and launch the recovery program. Before starting the recovery program, choose a location where you would store the recovered files.
  • When you have done all these, run the data recovery program. Check these steps:

Open the Options, choose the option of Memory Card, click Repair File Structure or Recover and there you are started with. Give your command and the application will instantly start its task.

  • Are you done with the process? Click on OK. The entire set of retrieved files, folders and photos will get saved automatically in your desired location.

When the recovery of the data and photos is completed, get the SD card out from slot as well as the card reader.

Author’s Bio: Jason Harris is a photographer. He uses the SD card to store numerous photos so that he can retrieve it at the time of need. He very well knows that you can think of restoring any data from the hard disk, unless you have the correct access to the remote data backup services.