How Much Does Facebook Affect Students ? [Infographic]

Social media is a part of everyday life for many of us. But how much does social media affect the studies of students ? Sure, a lot ! Most of us spend much of our time in Facebook, twitter and other social networking sites by doing nothing productive. Facebook is more addictive and many spend hours in it than on real books.


Students like Facebook and hate to face their book. This will have adverse effect on their grades. This infographic deals with the good and bad faces of Facebook. While Social media do help a part of the student community to improve their knowledge, it is not a picture in whole. Only one in three students use social media for educative purposes.

Take a deeper look at this infographic to know about the effects it would have on students !

So, what is your view on this topic ? Do you think Facebook really affects students ? or is it just a popular belief ? Press down your opinions and let us have a discussion ! 😀