How to Access Facebook When it is Blocked in School College or Office

Ever have you tried accessing community websites like Facebook in your school or college or workplace? If you have tried opening it, you might have found it being blocked. The access to the community websites will be usually denied particularly websites such as Facebook, Twitter will be blocked from access. The reason behind this is, people usually spend a lot of time in these community sites and divert their concentration without studying and working. Well, if you are really longing for a way to access community websites such as Facebook at school, college or office, there are plenty of solutions available.
Here are some flexible methods described, while you can access Facebook in any situation even it is blocked from access.

Targeting the DNS Server To Make Facebook Accessible

1. You all know that every website has its unique Internet Protocol address. Hence while typing the website URL, the computer will look at the URL name and compares the IP address. This work is usually processed by the DNS server. DNS server holds every detailed information and data’s of all the websites and it has its corresponding IP address too. The access to Facebook will be blocked, since the administrator might have blocked the particular website in the DNS server.
2. Now the task relies on unblocking the website in the DNS server. This is absolutely simple. You can either access Open Domain Name Server or Google Public DNS. Windows users should navigate through Control Panel and click through Network and Internet Connections. Further select Network Connection and right click on it to check the connection status. Select Properties and choose TCP/IP.
3. Replace the Internet Protocol with any of the following server address like or The Google Domain Name Server address must be given as and
4. Be careful, your organization must not use the Domain Name Server that you are ready to use. After changing the Internet Protocol address in the Domain Name Server, you can easily access Facebook and other community websites like Orkut, Twitter.

Other possible methods to make Facebook accessible

There are plenty other methods you can handle to open Facebook when it is blocked in your school, college or office. Sometimes the administrator of the computer might have added the domain name in the blocked list, while the IP address remains active and working. At this point, you can type the Internet Protocol address directly while the website will be bypassed to the host file. Getting the Internet Protocol address of Facebook is quite easier where you can press a  Win + R key by opening the Run command. Type Ping and press Enter. Upon hitting enter, you can grasp the IP address of Upon getting the IP address, place it in the address bar and press enter. Doing so, you will be able to access You can even use Proxy websites for exploring those blocked websites. You can explore Facebook through Secured Web Proxy and doing so, you will be able to open Facebook easily.

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