How To: Add Facebook Like Button To Your Blog

Facebook launched it’s like feature a few months back, as a part of making facebook more interactive from around the web. Shortly, you should have seen like buttons popping in many websites asking their users to like the article and spread them. The Like button from facebook allows you to like a web page which will be posted to your profile, so others too can read it.


Now to the point, how do you add this Like button to your WordPress powered blog ?

when you search for a Facebook Like plugin for your WordPress blog, you will find lots of plugins to do the job.
the best among those is the WP Facebook Like . This plugin really works out of the box and provides you with many options and features. This plugin is highly customizable and easy to use.

This plugin is created by Johnny Chadda, This plugin is the highly customizable among those available.

How to Install

1. Go to your Admin panel.

2. Go to Plugins  -> Add New.

3. Search for “wp facebook like” .

4. Click  the install button and then activate the plugin.

5. Go to Settings -> WP Facebook Like to change your settings


1. Can change the layout, language, color scheme, button text, width and height

2. Select the position of the button (either before or after posts)

3. Can choose between iframe or xfbml embedding methods

4. Can link with you Facebook app

5. Enable or Disable facebook SDK and open graph

6. Use our custom css style.

7. Custom settings available, including a shortcode and template tag

and many more…

Johnny Chadda is really a friendly guy and helped me a lot when i had troubles with facebook like, if you have doubts in implementing this plugin notify Johnny Chadda at his website.

Update: There are numerous plugins that does this task as of now. Even Facebook has it’s own plugin for WordPress. We recommend you to use it. You can download the official Facebook plugin from the WordPress Plugins repository