How To: Add Google Analytics Tracking on Facebook Fan Page

Facebook Fan Pages are in the rage nowadays for most brands and businesses. On top of providing a platform for them to market their products or services, Fan Pages also comes with an in-built analytical tool to profile your fans, demographics details and interactions on your pages called Facebook Insights. However, the data covered is only limited to fans of the page.

We can overcome that by using Google Analytics instead; a more comprehensive and sophisticated analytics tool. But, it’s not as simple as copy pasting the code onto your page like how you normally do it for websites.

Lucky for us, there’s a solution offered by Facebook Google Analytics Tracker (FBGAT) to facilitate this tracking process on your page. Here are the steps to install Google Analytics to your Facebook Fan Page:

1. Have A Google Analytics Account

If you already have a Google Analytics account, create a new website profile to separately track visits to your Facebook Fan Page. When you’re done with that, Google Analytics will display your tracking code, which looks something like this: UA-1234567-8. Do take note that you do not need to activate the website.


2. Get Codes

Remember the FBGAT that was mentioned above? Now visit that site to generate a custom image code to track visits on each of your Facebook Fan Page.

Here’s what to include in the fields above:

–          Analytics Code: The same tracking code that you received from Step 1.

–          Domain on Analytics: The domain name you created in Step 1.

–          Page Link: The name you would like to call your page.

–          Page Title: This is only for your reference.

After completing the fields, click on “Generate Code” and copy them in full.

3. Install Codes

If you’re not using FBML app for your Facebook Fan Page, please do so. This app allows you to add HTML to your pages by simply editing your Static FBML pages and inserting codes.

Pastes the codes that you got from Step 2 into the box and BOOM you’re done! The tracking has begun but it’ll take about 24 hours to show you some results.

If you have any questions, please drop us a comment!

Original Source Online Media Gazette