How To: Backup Your Facebook, Twitter and Other Social Data

Like taking backups of your personal data in your local hard drives, it is highly important that you take a backup of your online presence too. In this social media age, where we share every teeny tiny information about ourselves with the web, like our photos,  events, statuses and a lot more online, we tend to depend totally on the web and forget to have an offline backup.


Anything might happen online and if you lose access to your social networking accounts, (read: got hacked) then you’ll be losing your data forever. It is better to be safe than sorry. So, let us see how you can take a backup of your social data.

How To Backup Facebook

With 800 Million and counting, Facebook is the de facto place for social networking. Facebook provides inbuilt options to take an offline backup of your data. We’ve already covered that in detail. This in-built tool offered by Facebook is straight forward. But it’ll require you to wait for some time before they process your archive. The backup is basically an HTML version of your account with your photos, statuses, wall posts, chats etc…

How To Backup Twitter

I am not sure how many of you know this, twitter doesn’t store all your tweets. Twitter stores only 3,200 of your most latest tweets. It automatically deletes the older ones and there is nothing you can do to stop this from inside twitter. But there are web apps that let you have a backup of your twitter tweets before they get deleted by twitter. If you are an avid tweeter and worried that your witty-cracks and your daily brawls would be deleted by twitter, then act fast.

  1. There are two services that let you backup your tweets. One is TweetBackup and the other is BackUpMyTweets.
  2. Let us see about TweetBackup, however, you are free to use any.
  3. Go to TweetBackup and click Sign up now using twitter.
  4. You need to click “Authorize app” before you can use TweetBackup.
  5. You’ll be redirected to the app, where you need to provide your email.
  6. It is obligatory that you follow TweetBackup in return for their free service and you can post an optional tweet in favour of them too.
  7. Click Sign up and then you’ll be asked to login using twitter.
  8. Once it is done, you’ll be taken to the TweetBackup control panel where you can backup and export your tweets.
  9. This nifty tool will surely help save those precious tweets.

For the Rest

Backupify lets you take a backup of your data in a host of social networks, from Facebook, Twitter to even Linkedin. It provides a free plan, in which you can backup upto 3 accounts with email as the only mode of backup. If you want to more, you have paid versions based on your requirements.

It is simple, go to Backupify, choose your plan, sign up and point the services you need to backup and voila ! You are done.

Hope these tools helped you save your precious online data. If you have any personal favourites and use further better tools for backing up your social data, do share with us through the comments. Backup and be safe.