How To: Build Consumer Trust Using Social Media Networks And Make Money Easily

Every human being wants to relate, connect and share.

The world wouldn’t have been better if we all hoard our ideas, opinions and secrets. When it comes to making money online, creating that stealth channel where your prospects can communicate effectively is important. Not every blogger understands the real essence of blogging. If you’re here and want to make money as a blogger, I want to reveal how to outrank most top blogs and bank huge paychecks.


It’s not about what you write about, but how you write it.

Blogging Isn’t A Hit-And-Run Affair

The problem with blogging is that 85% of those who started their first blog where somewhat laid off from their jobs. As a result of this, the expectation they have is high, it’s unrealistic and annoying. I once spoke to a blogger who’s been blogging for 3 months. We met in a blogging conference. He said he wants to make more money from his online business, that’s his reason for quitting his job.

Who asked you to quit your job? I retorted!

Blogging is a lifetime affair. It’s like a real estate business in the offline world, where the father transfers his will to the sons so they can carry-on with their father’s business. It’s never an overnight thing. You need to consistently go with this mindset, and if you want to make some quick bucks, then blogging isn’t the right business model for you.

That sounds ridiculous, huh?

Have A Social Mindset From Day 1

Why do you think social media networks were created?

  • To make money
  • To land big freelance contract
  • To complete your online degree

These are benefits of social media. But the real essence of social media networks is to connect. Connect with your loved ones, with friends and colleagues whom you’ve lost past. You can also use social networks to research information on your future projects.

Are You Connecting, Or Selling?

I discovered that 85% of social media marketers are selling. I mean, they are seriously pushing their followers and fans to purchase one e-book and the other. If you join this membership site, you make thousands of dollars before going to bed.

All these are marketing B.S. which distracts your humble attention and alter your entrepreneurial mindset. Don’t sell with social media networks, use it to build strong relationships with your fans and they will trust whatever you say or recommend.

How Not To Sell With Social Networks

I’ve been marketing my business with social media networks since 2009, and one thing I discovered is this: everyone wants to be in charge of their life and purchases. Don’t be pushy in your marketing or you would chase them away indirectly.

The best way to make money with these networks is to determine the problems faced by a group of people. Let me show you can example, before I launched my coupon blog, I discovered that my twitter followers are always looking for holiday deals. They want to save money on shoes, web hosting and other valuable products. Guess what I did?

I started reviewing sittercity coupons and 6pm discount codes on my blog. When they visit my blog, their desire is met. Isn’t that what business is really about?

Find out the exact problem and create a solution to it. Fortunately, affiliate marketing helps you solve any kind of problem online. You might not be an expertise in that niche, simply research the best affiliate offer for that problem and promote it.

But first, build a relationship of trust, honesty and confidence. These three marketing nuggets are priceless. See you ahead!

ABOUT AUTHOR: Michael Chibuzor is a Social Media Coach and author.He enjoys writing on topics that include coupon deals and online discounts such as sittercity promotion coupon and 6pm discount code for free shipping.His coupon blog makes available all kinds of discounts coupons, from sittercity and 6pm codes to saving deals for business, Health and Lifestyle.