How To: Build Your Presence Online

There are many different ways for a small business to build an internet presence. They don’t have the ability to spend tons of money like large corporations, but they don’t have to. That is the great thing about the Internet. It’s a great equalizer that levels the playing field in the advertising realm. Websites don’t become popular because companies spend lots of money. They become popular because they have people in place that know how to drive traffic to the website. The following presents several ways to successfully achieve this goal.


Social Media

This was once a small part of small business. Today things are different. Social media has grown in unbelievable ways. It’s not longer the playground for high school teens and college students anymore. It’s much more than that. The social media world of today is much more than personal users logging on to chat with friends. Today the social media sites are some of the best outlets for marketing.

A small business that wants to establish a connection with the local community should build online profiles on popular sites like Facebook and Twitter. Consumers typically patronize the businesses that are visible. People are online quite often. They are fulfilling their needs with businesses that they discover through these social media circles. Sometimes a friend makes the reference for the business. At others times an advertisement from one of these social media sites may lead a customer to a business.

Affiliate Marketing

Building an online presence can be hard work, but you don’t have to do it all on your own. There are lots of other businesses that are already established. Sometimes it can be beneficial to establish a relationship with companies that have products that compliment your products or services. Customers are more likely to gravitate towards an affiliate marketing campaign that seems natural. Partnerships that appear to be forced are often overlooked, but companies will complimentary products can drive a customer to spend more.
The ability to add a hyperlink to another website that has traffic is a huge deal. This puts the gateway to your website in front potential customers.

Give It Away

The best way to get people to buy is to give your product away. This may seem like something of a contradiction for someone that is trying to sell items, but it works. The key is to drive people to the site. You don’t necessarily have to give your product away. A business owner can start a contest and give a certain product to the winner. Discounts or “Buy 1, Get 1 Free” promotions can be done. All of this will arouse consumer interest. It will also get other people to talk about the site. This word-of-mouth promotion may be exactly what you need to get a continuous flow of traffic.
Take Notes from Big Business

A small business that is trying to build an online presence should take notes from the big corporations that have already done it. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Big businesses have already paved the way. It’s a good idea to follow in their footsteps because this has obviously been successful.
Consider the navigation of the website. Pay attention to how they address customer needs.

About The Author: Victor Daily is a blogger interested in technology and social media. Besides writing about latest news in these areas he also works as a consultant in a company that offers  IT Services in Melbourne.