How To Buy The Cheapest books & mobiles Online!!!!

E-commerce is growing at an unprecedented rate

It has redefined the way we think and buy things!

Indian e-commerce is facing a gigantic boom as internet penetration is increasing day by day!

Every e-commerce portal claims that they give the best deal online.

Indeed all the virtual markets are cheaper than the physical markets , but which market is the most cost effective amongst the cost effective e-commerce sites?

There is not a single answer to this , a product “A” may be cheap at  “” and might be costly at the “”.

Where as product “B” may be cheap at “” and costly at “”.

So before we buy products most of us tend to browse through the products at tonnes of shopping sites out there!

The major e-commerce portals in India are

  1. Flipkart
  2. Infibeam
  3. IndiaPlaza
  4. Lets buy
  5. HomeShop 18 etc

There are other book specific portals like uRead,BookAdda,maansu,crossword,LandMarkOnTheNet etc…..

Consider a scenario that I am planning to buy the autobiography of Steve Jobs by Walter Issacson

I can not go and visit each and every site out there to check the price out there!

There is a magical solution to this problem of finding the cheapest place to buy what I want

Step 1: I go to I get the page shown below

So as I have mentioned above I am looking for Stev Jobs’s biography by Walter Issacon  so I have to either the book name or the ISBN number of the book in the search bar , and once I do it and hit search TADA!

When the search is over , the results are displayed as shown above

What we can infer from the results:

cost of the book in the market: ₹799 (16.4$)

Best price online:₹519(10.6$)

I go to the site and buy it at once!

I have saved  ₹280!!!!!!

Also the icing in the cake is that most of these sites offer cash on delivery option(I can pay after I get get the book) !

You can search any book and every book online! and buy it at the best price and My Smart Price has helped me save thousands of Rupees!

You can also search for mobiles,video games,cameras and lap tops at

Happy Shopping 🙂 !

Very happy saving 🙂 🙂 :-)!

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