How To: Change the Ubuntu Bootloader Screen

GRUB2 is the default bootloader of Ubuntu. It is the best one out there, but it doesn’t look much appealing, since Ubuntu is highly customizable, we’ll try to customize GRUB and then we can change those annoying black and white text to something more exciting.


An addon called the burg – Brand-new Universal loadeR from GRUB (burg is grub pronounced backwards too) will help us achieve this. let us see how to make this work.

Change the Ubuntu Bootloader screen

1. Open the terminal and enter the following code.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:bean123ch/burg && sudo apt-get update

2. Then go to System > Administration > Synaptic Package Manager

3. In Synaptic Package manager, search for burg and mark it for installation. (It is better to use Synaptic Package Manager, since working through the terminal had some problems)

4. While the installation is in progress, you’ll be offered to configure burg. Just click Forward in the first window and in the second window choose your Ubuntu’s root drive or the /boot partition if you have one.

5. To close things up, you need to enter this command in the Terminal.

sudo update-burg

Now everything is set up. Restart your system to see the new burg as the bootloader. While you are at the boot screen, you can press F1 for help and shortcuts, F2 for a list of themes available and F3 to change your screen resolution.

Installing Themes

Now here comes the best part. You can always add new themes to burg.

1. Search in Google and find some awesome burg themes.

2. Download it.

3. Enter this command in the Terminal. (*PathToFile*/*filename* are just variables, replace it with your original download path and file name)

sudo cp *PathToFile*/*filename* /boot/burg/themes

4. After completing it, update burg by using the following command.

sudo update-burg

Now you can restart and press F2 to find your new theme. I hope this guide helped you to customize your Ubuntu bootloader screen. If you have any doubts, comment them below.

Share your experiences on burg with us 🙂