How To: Change Your Facebook Profile into Something Different

We saw some cool Cool Facebook Profile Picture Illusions yesterday, now it is time to learn to do the same, We will learn about how to change your profile picture in to something cool. You need to have Photoshop to do this.

Change your Facebook Profile into something different

1. Download this PSD Template.
2. Import your picture as a new layer.
3. Save the Picture [File –> Save for Web]
4. Now you can find the sliced pictures in the folder.

Upload all these image slices to your FB photo album and then tag them in the correct sequence.


First make the largest image (200×500) as your profile picture. Then choose the 100×68 thumbnail from your album that will appear in the extreme right on your profile page and tag yourself in it. Tag the immediate left image and so on such that the left-most thumbnail get tagged at the end.

Try it and have fun. Share your thoughts below.

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