How To: Change Your YouTube Channel Type

YouTube has different channel types like YouTuber, Director, Musician, Reporter, Comedian, and Guru. Youtuber is the default channel type for everyone, but the other special channel types have some special features with them. for example the Musician and Comedian channel types let the channel owner enter dates of upcoming performances. The Guru Channel type let you add an image, instead of your name etc… Each channel type has it’s own advantages. So let us see how you can change your channel type.


Change Your YouTube Channel Type

1. Log in to your Youtube account.

2. Go to your channel and click the Settings button at the top.

3. You can change your channel type in the drop down box provided.

4. Choose any one among Youtuber, Director, Musician, Comedian, Guru, Reporter.

5. Now save your changes.

Thats it ! now you know to change your channel type. Hope that helped.

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