How To: Check if Any Website is Blocked in China

While it is known to all that China is pretty good at censoring some of the websites that prove to be harmful to it, most of the webmasters and bloggers in this tech world live with fear. Since China itself seems to be a good source for traffic, getting banned from that country is pretty bad for webmasters. If you might have known, The Great Firewall of China has already blocked lots of popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


Getting to the topic, here is a pretty cool website or tool that will let you check whether a particular website is banned in China or not. On hitting the website’s URL, the tool will start scanning from the servers of China. And in a matter of time, you can get the information, highlighting the fact that the website is visible to the Chinese or not.

  • Head to BlockedInChina
  • In the available box, hit the URL of the website you want to check.
  • Once you have typed the website address, hit the Test button and tool will start scanning.
In a short time, the results will pop. As you can see, the tool will try to access the website from five Chinese servers : Beijing, Shenzen, Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang Province, Yunnan Province. On the right side lie the results. If the site is visible the probable result would be OK and on the other hand, if it is not visible, the result would be BLOCKED.
As for Axleration, our site is pretty safe and can be seen from any server located in China. With no content in Axleration proving to be harmful to the country, China has decided not to censor our blog. Axleration is in good hands. 😀

You might wonder how, with these popular social networking sites blocked, the people of China get connected with each other. Fortunately, there lie many other Chinese social networking sites connecting the people. Youku is a popular Chinese site battling with YouTube of the world. On the other hand Renren is the China’s equivalent of Facebook. Take a peek at this infographic to know more about The Great Firewall of China and how the Chinese get connected online.