How To: Create Full Width Posts in WordPress

WordPress offers various options while posting. But sometimes we would need to post a full width blog post without sidebars, like in the case of infographics, which are quite big and would be visually appealing if viewed on full-width. A good number of premium WordPress themes and a very few free themes has a built in template for full width posts. If your theme doesn’t have one, then how do you create it ?


Remember, Full width page is different from Full width post. Most themes has the Full width Page template. Now let us go through the steps of creating a full width post template.

Creating A Full Width Post Template

1. Install the Custom Post Templates plugin.

2. Open the “full page.php” file in your themes directory and copy the contents of the file. I have attached a full page template in case you didn’t have it. You can find it at the end of the post.

3. Open your favourite text editor and paste the code there. You’ve got to make a little change here.

4. At the top, replace the “Template Name: Full Width” with “Template Name Posts: Full Width”.

5. You can make other design changes as you please.

6. Save the file as “template-fullwidth.php” and upload it to your themes directory.

You are all set. The next time you post, you’ll find a Full width post template in the  Post Template drop down box in the sidebar of your Add New Post page. You can create several templates as per your needs and the Custom Post Templates themes will display it in your post page.

Hope this little guide helped you, Do share and comment. If you have any problems in the process, do let us know and we’ll help you out.

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