How To: Disable FaceTime in iPod and iPhone

FaceTime is a feature in iPhone/iPod Touch devices that enables you to make video calls through Wi-Fi or 3G. FaceTime is one of the most useful feature of these devices, but at times you may want to disable them to prevent misuse or abuse of the usage by your friends or colleagues using your device.

So if you know how to disable it, you may be able to prevent it from misuse of the device.

How To Disable FaceTime in iPod and iPhone

1. Go to Settings > General > Restrictions in your device.

2. Just Tap to enable restrictions and you will be prompted to enter your 4 Digit Pass code.

3. Now reenter your 4 digit pass code and then slide to go to the restrictions screen.

4. Turn Off FacTime in the restrictions screen to disable it.


If you want to enable FaceTime again, just follow the same procedure to enable it again. Please note down your Pass code in  a safe place. If you forget it, you need to restore your device using iTunes.

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