How To: Disable Installation of Applications in iPad/iPhone

Applications for iPad/iPhone are really unique in their own ways. They extend the device’s capabilities and can make them do almost anything. But you may need to prevent the installation of certain unwanted applications in your device to prevent the misuse of your device. So it is wise that you know how to disable the installation of applications in your iPad.

Disable Installation of Applications in iPad/iPhone

1. Go to Settings -> General -> Restrictions.

2. Just Tap to enable restrictions and you will be prompted to enter your 4 Digit Pass code.

3. Now reenter your 4 digit pass code and then slide to go to the restrictions screen.

4. Turn Off Installing Apps in the restrictions screen to prevent installation.

If you want to enable installation again then you need to follow the same steps and switch on ‘Installing Apps’ to on. Please note down your Pass code in  a safe place. If you forget it, you need to restore your device using iTunes.


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