How To: Disable The New Facebook Photo Album Viewer A.K.A Theatre

The new Facebook photo album viewer is kind of irritating. It just pops up whenever you click an image. This may save time, but I myself and many of my friends hate this. I was searching for ways to stop this and finally found two ways to stop this.


This New Facebook Photo Album viewer otherwise called as the Theatre or Light Box can be stopped by two ways.

Method 1:

This one is simple. After clicking the image when the light Box pops up, just click F5. When you click F5 the light box disappears and the old photo view will come. You can alternatively click the Browser’s Refresh button too.

Thanks to Arjun for this tip.

Method 2:

There is a Google Chrome Extension and a Grease Monkey script named Facebook Lightbox Killer which does the same job. You can install the Facebook Lightbox Killer Chrome Extension from Here and the Grease Monkey script from Here. It simply blocks the Pop ups and open the image in the regular view.

Hope this helped you remove the irritating light box or Theatre. Share your thoughts below and don’t forget to share this with your friends 🙂