How To: Download Google Images in Bulk

We guys do see a lot of images or wallpapers each day. I do know a lot of friends who constantly search for images or wallpapers for their desktop daily. Myself, being a blogger, I become a lot tiresome because of searching images for my blog posts. Is there any way so that we can download all images related to a particular search? Well, the answer is Yes! Do you want to know a way to download images from Google Images in bulk? Head down..


Method to Download Using Multi Image Downloader

There is a pretty awesome software called Multi Image Downloader with which you can download a bulk set of images from Google Images. First download this software and then install the software and open it.

Now search for images in Google Images and after the images get populated, copy the link (URL) from the address bar and paste it in the box available in the software. Now click the button Get Images Links. Wait for sometime. The images links will get populated. Now click “Set Folder” and then select the folder where you want the images to be downloaded. Now click “Download“. Now wait for sometime till the images get downloaded.

Note: You can download  a maximum of 5 pages (around 100 images) only!

One of the notable features of this software is that you can download images in any format and also you can block content! Moreover the downloaded images will have the same dimensions of the original images!

download google images in bulk 1

As you can see in the screenshot above, I downloaded a set of Windows 7 wallpapers from Google Images. And that too in same dimensions. This is a software that you can’t miss! Make sure to check this out.