How To: Download Torrents

Torrents are one of the most unavoidable phenomenon of the modern Internet. With Torrents, file sharing has been taken to a new level. Piracy reached newer heights after the evolution of torrents. This guide will help you to learn to download a torrent from the internet.

How to Download Torrents

1. You need to download a torrent program. Few famous torrent programs are, uTorrent, Vuze, BitTorrent, Deluge etc…

2. Download and install the torrent program.

3. Go to a Torrent site and search for the file you need to download. The Pirate Bay, Torrentz, ISOHunt etc.. are some of the torrent search engines.


4. Once you have found the file, download it. A .torrent file will be saved to your computer. All .torrent files will be of small size, they act as pointers and will be downloaded soon.

5. Open your Torrent program and open the .torrent file with it. The download of the main file will start.

6. You can do other works will downloading a torrent. Torrent Programs doesn’t require your frequent attention, they will download in the background.

But Torrent programs consume a lot of bandwidth, so your normal browsing speed maybe affected by this. Also if you are using limited data plans for Broadband, be careful while using torrents. Otherwise, you will be seriously shocked to see your monthly bills.

Torrents are mostly used to download pirated software, music, movies etc… Please understand that all these are made with great effort, so please don’t engage in piracy. Use Torrents in a productive way.

Hope this guide helped you, don’t forget to drop a comment below 🙂