How To: Efficiently Post Tweets to Facebook

We all know about the native twitter for facebook application which posts each and every tweet from our twitter feed to the facebook time-line, this can be annoying,and some times can be considered as spam by many people,we at the axleration team got a lot of queries from our readers, regarding a solution for this creepy issue ,here is a viable solution to post your tweets to facebook in a controlled manner, after scrutinizing all possible solutions, the most efficient and effective solution is provided to our readers as always 🙂


Selective tweets is a magical application developed by @andy.It has 170,000monthly users and 10 million tweets every month!

Once you set up the selective tweets application, at the end of all your your tweets add the characters “#fb”, all the tweets ending with #fb will be posted to your facebook profile!

As their application page says “Selective Tweet Status lets you update your Facebook status from Twitter – BUT you can choose which tweets you want – just end a tweet with #fb when you want to post it as your Facebook status – simple!


Here is the picthrough(Picture+walk through) ,showing step by step ,how to configure the selective tweets application

Step 1:Got to and type “selective tweets” in the search bar,and go to the application


Step 2 :enter your twitter user name,for example my twitter user name is 123aswin123, so I enter that, grant the permission to post to your wall, which Facebook asks you in the middle


Step 3:You are almost done!, Now go to your twitter page and type your new tweet follwed by #fb and it magically appears in your facebook time line


Step 4: TADA! You are done!, your tweets have magically appeared on your Facebook wall as shown below!


The tweets which are not ended with #fb , are not posted to facebook!



If you have any queries regarding this post, or any other tech related queries fell free to comment below, it an honor to share our knowledge with you