How To: Feature Posts in WordPress Freshlife Theme

When it comes to the best theme for WordPress blogs, I would probably suggest Freshlife. Until now, I have been using this theme both here at Axleration and Movieration. With it’s usage since the beginning, I am quite satisfied and so are the other bloggers using this theme. Freshlife proves to be one of those best themes available out there with all those powerful controls it gives. Coming from Theme Junkie, this theme gives a great deal of control to the user, who can easily modify the look and usage according to his/her needs.


As you might have noticed, we feature a list of three posts at the top of the All Stories section. This is what, bloggers call the Featured Posts. Until now, I have come up with many of my fellow bloggers using Freshlife, who don’t know how to feature a post with this theme. And as you read in the title, this is a short tutorial that will help you to feature the your favorite posts, if you are using Freshlife. Kindly note that you can feature posts only if you have admin rights.

  • Log into your WordPress blog
  • Navigate to the Appearance > Freshlife Theme Options.
  • Once you are inside the tab, go to the Layout Settings.
  • Therein lies a section named Input comma-separated tags for featured content. By default, the tags are featured and headline. See the image below.
  • As you might understand, these are the tags that are to be used in the posts which you want to feature. If you want to feature a post titled WordPress Post 1, add the tag featured or headline to the tags section of the post and update.

Once done, refresh your homepage and voila! There lies the all new updated featured posts. With only three boxes available, it is possible for you to feature only a maximum of three at a time. Once you add the featured tag to a post, that post will get featured to the leftmost box and when you add the tag to another post, the previous post will get pushed to the right and the latest updated post gets the leftmost position.

Try this in your WordPress blog running on Freshlife theme for Theme Junkie. Did this short tutorial prove to be useful to you? If yes, make sure to share this with your best WordPress bloggers and also drop in a comments, thanking us.