How To: Find if Your Email Account has Been Hacked

Okay, now if you have doubts about the security of your email account and if you are worried that someone would have hacked it ? What will you do. It is not that most of the hackers would tell you that they’ve gained access to your account. They keep monitoring your account for something that might be helpful for them in some way. So you can’t be sure about that. We’ve dealt early about how you can find if your Gmail account is compromised.


We also read often that many sites are defaced by hackers and the user information in them like the emails and passwords are taken by hackers. In recent times we saw Sony’s PlayStation network hacked by hackers and the user data was compromised. So here is a tool that’ll help you know if your account has been compromised or not.

Pwnedlist is an online database of compromised email accounts and social network user names. It has a total of 4,981,012 entries in its database as of now and it is updated daily. So when you enter your email id or your username, it checks it with its database and tell you whether your account is compromised or not.

Just head to Pwnedlist and check your email id. Your email id/username is not stored in their servers. If you are still worried about your privacy, you can used the SHA-512 hash of your email/username as input. Try this online SHA-512 hash generator, if you need one.

Hope this tool helped you in solving that doubt which you were having for days. Do share this post with your friends.

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