How to Get Better Grades Using Social Media [Infographic]

Social media is greatly believed to be one of the sources of distraction which ultimately leads to poor grades. But this infographic has something different to say. It says that social media can serve a better purpose. Apart from helping you connect with your friends, it can also let you get good grades.


Previously we saw an Infographic, stating that social media affects grades. But this one has different arguments and it says that students get a greater exposure to resources and information online and Social media can help in pointing us out to the correct resource available on the web.

Social media has already become a part of everyday life of millions of students all around the globe. With this positive side of Social media, that it really helps people get good grades, Can more time be invested on it. Or is it just a hype ? What do you think about it ? Share your views with us !

Via [MastersInEducation]