How To: Hide Tags on New Facebook Profile

The new Facebook profile is cool, we also saw how to do something different with it. But the problem with the new layout is that, when people tag us in stupid photos, it shows up right in your profile page. This might be annoying for many of us.


You can remove these tags, but the tagger may feel hurt, so to avoid it you can just remove the tag from showing up in your profile, Here is how to do it.

Hide Tags on New Facebook Profile

1. Login to Facebook and Goto your Profile Page.

2. Hover your mouse over the thumbnails of your recently tagged pics.

3. Click the cross mark (X) to hide the picture from your profile.

4. Click on the Hide Photo button in the prompt that follows.

5. You have successfully hidden those annoying pics 🙂

Hope that helped you, share this with your friends too 😉