How To: Insert Music in Your Facebook Post

‘Facebooking’ became a daily job for me. Not only for Sharing, it became more fun for entertainment purposes. usually we watch Videos, read funny statuses, like interesting statuses, comment on photos, status and other posts, view photos etc. Has anyone heard music on anyone’s status/post?


I found some applications which provided a way to insert music on posts but I was feeling bad when they advertise about their App on our Post.

The most notable thing in this method is, you can play your music on the post itself. Your friends can play music directly from your post.

Well, this is unpopular but really works. Just use the below URL to make this possible. And, also make some changes in the below URL. &
'media': [{'type': 'mp3',
'src':  'MP3_URL_HERE'}]}

Changes to be done this this code for inserting your own MP3 file:

Replace SONG_TITLE_HERE with the song name/title you are inserting.
Replace ARTIST_NAME_HERE with the artist name of the song you are inserting.
Replace MP3_URL_HERE with the Direct URL of the Music File.

That’s all the changes to be done the code. After doing the changes, you can paste the URL to your Browser’s address bar. 🙂


To Insert AKON’s Lonely Song to your Post, Paste the below code. &
'media': [{'type': 'mp3',
'src':  ''}]}

Just insert the above code into your address bar to post Akon’s Lonely Song !

Thanks for reading !

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