How To Kill A Device Which Is Hogging Bandwidth Over Wifi!

Many times I have been in this desperate situation, I will be waiting for a download eagerly and my brother would be hogging up all the bandwidth by watching some silly BEN10 YouTube video! , at times he makes me mad , finally today I was able to find a solution to my bandwidth crisis!

Before we proceed please note, this post is only for educational purpose to create awareness and don’t try this if its illegal in your country

So there is a way to kick off other devices over public WiFi!

before you start, you will need the following

  1. Rooted Android Phone
  2. A Wifi connection
  3. A jerk who is sucking bandwidth!


Download  the app WiFiKill from here , its a paid app worth the buck $2.99, if you are not interested in paying you can find it in all usual mobile app sources( PIRATES ARRGH!!!!!!!!!!) , the app is relatively light at 272 Kb!

So once you download and install it you get the screen shown below!

This screen displays all the devices currently using your WiFi, select the devices you want to kill, and you are done!

The bandwidth is all yours! , you can use it to your hearts content! , you can restore wifi to the killed devices by un checking them from the list@
This comes in handy when in coffee shops 😉

I was amazed to see the look on the students hogging my college wifi , when I killed all their laptops from the Internet!

See the video below to understand clearly