How To: Make a Slide Show of Facebook Pictures Easily

One of the best features of Facebook is that it allows users to upload unlimited photos to your account. So besides being the largest social networking site, it is also the  largest photo sharing site in the world. But it is always a tedious task for us to click next to view the next photo. It becomes a big tiresome job, if you are going to do it for a big album consisting of 100+ photos.


So to solve this issue, Facebook Engineer Paul McDonald has released a prototype, named as Slideshow.

View Photos as Slideshow

1. Go to the Slideshow Prototype.

2. Click Activate in the Right Side bar.

3. Now visit any album and you could see a play/stop button in between the previous and next button.

4. You could deactivate it any time by visiting the Prototype’s page and clicking deactivate.

Now it will be easier for you to view your large size albums with ease. Enjoy !

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