How to: Move Photos From Facebook to Google+

With Google’s release of Google+ just over a month ago, millions have migrated over to the new social media platform. However, most, if not all are reluctant to let go of their beloved Facebook due to losing content such as photos.


But there is a viable solution. If you want to keep all of those old high school snapshots and college pictures, installing an extension through your browser will allow you to keep the memories you want and get rid of those you can do without.

There are a few reasons to move your photos from Facebook to Google+. If you have adopted the new social platform, adding photos can create some life for your profile and give users something to see. If you have decided to leave Facebook for Google+, keeping those photos for your new profile is a must, especially if you want to keep those memories from homecomings, parties and college spring break trips fresh in your mind.

Google+ uses Picasa, a photo editing software made by Google that allows users to add, edit and share photos. Picasa lets you upload photos from your computer or phone through the Google+ app. The features through Picasa give users the option to edit everything using one tool: red-eye, lighting, geo-tags and more. Picasa has 1 gigabyte of space for users and automatically organizes all of your computers photos and name tags to identify others in your pictures, similar to Facebook. Google+ actually makes it easy to add new albums and upload your pictures, plus Picasa has plenty of features to fine-tune each photo through the social media site.

The first step to migrating your photos is making sure you are using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as your browser. Both provide extensions that make this a painless task. For Chrome, search for the Move Your Photos extension and install it. Then, click on the icon and log in to Facebook. You can select which photos you want to move to Google+, then just let “Move Your Photos” work its magic. Be sure not to log out of Facebook during the process. Once the albums are transferred, the pictures are private until you change the settings to allow specific Circles to view them. As a note, captions are not a part of the changeover with the “Move Your Photos” extension. Firefox uses a similar extension called Photo Importer, available for versions 2.0 through 5.0 for the browser. Choose the photos to move and then organize them and create album names for each one, as the album titles do not transfer over. Click ‘submit your albums’ and then log in to Google+ to complete the process. Of course, both of these extensions are free and do most of the work for you. Links provided at the bottom of the post.

Another option is a zip file. Facebook lets you download all of your photos to a zip file, which can be shifted to Google+. You can check out how to do it, here.

All three of these choices can help you add some color to your new profile on Google+ without losing all of the photos you have on Facebook for good.


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