How To: Open Any Number of Facebook Accounts in Google Chrome

As known to all, people round the world, mostly, own their own Facebook account. In some cases, a few people are prone to having two Facebook accounts. I personally, have seen a few of my blogging buddies out there with two Facebook accounts. When asked, they reply that, one is for personal use and the other for the official purpose. Consider you own two Facebook accounts and you are supposed to open both your Facebook accounts at once. What will you do?


For one solution, I suggest the usage of two web browsers. If you use Google Chrome to open your personal Facebook account, you can open your official one with Mozilla Firefox. A few days back, I came with a cool solution that will allow to use Google Chrome to open both your Facebook accounts.

A simple built-in Google Chrome feature called Chrome Incognito allows people to use Google Chrome, without storing their browsing history and other stuff. With the help of this Chrome Incognito tab, you can open another Facebook account at the same time. Similar to that, here is another pretty cool Google Chrome built-in feature that will let you open unlimited number of Facebook accounts at once.

If you are Chrome fan, you would noticed that Google Chrome has a pretty cool feature with which more than one user can use the same browser at a time. If you dad is the sole owner of Google Chrome browser in your computer, you can create another account for you. Unlike the accounts that you create in internet like your Facebook account or Google account, you cannot have a password set for your user account in Google Chrome. This in turn confirms the fact that, any user can access your user account in Google Chrome. Also, each user can have his or her own avatar depicting him or her, and also Google Chrome allows users to change the name.

When I came across this pretty cool feature, I immediately used it check out whether I can open one Facebook account in each tab. Fortunately, it proved to be a success. With each user account opened, you can open a Facebook account in each account. If you want to switch tab, you can do so by hitting the avatar symbol at the top left of the browser. The current user accounts sports it’s respective avatar at the top left.

What’s your thought? Does this cool feature come handy for you? It’s not only for Facebook. You can use this feature to open any number of Google or Twitter or any other account. If you own 3 or more Facebook accounts, this is a must use feature for you. If you own two Facebook accounts, you can use the Chrome Incognito tab available in Chrome. So, what’s the right option for you. Check out both the features and drop in your thoughts.