How To: Remote Wipe Your iPhone

Wiping out your cell or mobile phone refers to fully restoring the application program to the condition it was originally shipped in from the vendor’s factory. All of your personal data such as call history, contacts, purchased apps, text messages and photos will be removed. In case your device has been stolen or lost, you may also consider removing all of this sensitive data from your gadget to prevent anyone else from utilizing it for malicious purposes.


If you have an iPhone, this all can be done in an effective manner. You should be a subscriber to the Apple’s MobileMe service, and this way you will be able to easily utilize the remote wipe feature to fully restore your mobile device to factory settings even when you no longer have physical access to it. MobileMe is a paid service, and if you have lost your device, then you can easily make use of this application to wipe out all of your necessary data whenever you require.

Instructions to Wipe Out Your iPhone

You are required to follow some vital instructions while you are considering remote wiping your mobile devices specially iPhone.

  1. First and foremost, you need to enable the option that states ‘Find my iPhone’.

  2. tap over the ‘settings’ feature on your iPhone home and then select different options such as Calendars, contacts, mail.

  3. Once you are done, you need to tap over the MobileMe app.

  4. Now, you need to tap the ‘Fine my Iphone’ option and then tap over the ‘Allow’ option to enable this service.

Performing a Remote Wipe For Your iDevice

  1. Open up the Web browser and then navigate through You need to sign in to your MobileMe account.

  2. Click over the ‘Account Settings’ option, it is the similar option that is used for the ‘Settings’ tab on your iPhone.

  3. Select the option that states ‘Find my iPhone’ from the menu that would be on the right side of the page.

  4. Click over the ‘Remote wipe’ option and then verify that you want to wipe out entire data from your mobile device.

  5. Click over ‘Erase All Data’ and you will be able to restore your device to factory settings.

Smartphones are exceedingly valuable and we all need to consider what could happen if your gadget fall into wrong hands. Therefore, keeping your mobile secure is exceedingly imperative. You can make use of this wipe out feature to keep your minicomputer protected, and also have an easy access to your device even if it is lost or stolen.

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