How To: Resize Images in Groups/Batches

Resizing Images is one of my most repeated tasks. When I have to share pics taken in my camera with my family through email, it will be a terrible task for me, because pics in high resolution will be more than 3 MB. So that is when I need to resize them to reduce their size. But even then when you need to work with more than 10 pictures, it will be irritating to resize them one by one. So here it the guide which will help you to resize images in groups or batches.


We will be using a software named XnView in the Process. It is a efficient multimedia viewer, browser and converter software, that will help you to do a lot of interesting stuff with your images. You can download it from here.

Resize Images in Groups/Batches

1. Open XnView and navigate to the folder containing your images.

2. Select the Images you want to resize.

3.  Go to Tool > Batch Processing.

4. The batch processing dialog box will open and the Input section will show a list of all the files you have selected. Use the add and remove buttons to include more images or remove any that you did not intend to include.

5. In the output section, you can choose your desired settings.

6. Go to Transformations Tab and select Resize under the Image tree menu.

7. The Resize parameters will appear by the side, use it to set your desired width and height changes either in terms of pixels or percentage. Check the Keep Ratio box to prevent the proportions of your images  from being distorted. Click Go to resize the Pictures.

Hope this simple guide would have helped you, Share your thoughts/doubts below without fail.