How to Review Changes in PowerPoint

PowerPoint 2013 has dominant collaboration tools which are effective to build presentations with crowd editing features. Other team members and colleagues be able to operate PowerPoint to revise and allow modifications made by another person within the group, and for this reason the Review instructions in PowerPoint 2010 can be very helpful to review presentation modifications and track changes in PowerPoint 2010 or other older editions.

In the article, We are going to learn how to use various collaboration features in PowerPoint

Review and Track Changes

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The primary features that we would like have a look at is New Comment.With this intuitive features, you can make notes and comments on slides to inform other users working on this PowerPoint assignment as well.

By choosing Show Markup, it will shift the comments from display area, if you feel they are a obstruction to your work space

Before you can really review or create any revisions or comments within your PowerPoint assignment, you must merge the current presentation with an additional one.

When changing the slide, you can choose to revise the current slide and change it or you can prefer to put the new, incoming slide at the opening of the presentation. The positions can be edited accordingly.

Also notice to that the Comments can be observed on the slide icons to the left.

How to Review and Accept Changes

Finally, you can wish to Decline the corrections and revert the project back its earliest form or else Accept the modifications. The Comments will explain whomever you’re working on the Presentation with, You can also review the new revisions and you they can decline them as well.

Once End Review option has been chosen, the revisions will be ultimate. You’ll want to save it in advance so that your team mate can in fact turn out revisions and accept or refuse them. You’ll also observe that the previous Comments will be gone too because the Review phase of the project has been completed.