How To: Save a Word File in PDF Format

We often come across a file that has the extension as PDF (portable document file) format.  In order to read the file either you should have a PDF reader or a converter that converts PDF files to word files (you cannot be sure of the contents being changed).Using adobe reader the files cannot be edited as easy you do in MS word. So there comes the need for CutePDF. i always wondered creating a PDF file of my own. If u too have given a thought about it, then CutePDF is your answer. Using CutePDF you can create PDF files using word as if a text document in MS Word and save in .pdf format.


[stextbox id=”info”]How to create PDF files using MS Word ?[/stextbox”]

  1.  In order to create the PDF file you need the software Cutepdf. You can get that software for free by clicking here CutePDF
  2. Now install the software and you are done ! now you can create files in MS Word and save as a PDF file.
  3. open MS Word. Type the required content that you need in the PDF file.
  4. now click File-> Print . Print dialog box appears. In the printer section in print dialog , there is a list box called that and you will see a option called CutePDF writer. select that CutePDF writer in Name list box. now click ok .
  5. Save us dialog box appears. now give a name for the file and click Save to save the file in required directory. Simple ! you are done.
  6. if you think you will edit file in future, also save the file as Word document ,by clicking file->save as and give name for your document and click ok. Now if u need to edit the file open this word file and work on it and now save using the above stated Cutepdf writer method .

now you have created a PDF files using MS word. this is the simplest of all methods since working with MS Word is like a cake walk for almost everyone. Share your views and improvisation.